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It‘s a common usecase to share Files or Content from native Android or iOS Apps with other Apps on your phone. So I thought this would be an easy task to add sharing to my mobile Apps built with QtQuickControls2.

Found the Blog from Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeld about Intents with Qt for Android, part 1. Please read that Blog to learn about Android Intents, Qt Android Extras, JNI and HowTo use it from Qt. All of this was new to me – never did JNI before. Also I‘m not an experienced native developer for Android or iOS – that‘s the reason why I‘m using Qt for mobile App development.

I also found Share on iOS and Android using QML, where I learned HowTo share Text and a URL and HowTo structure a QtCreator project for Android and iOS with native code integration.

Unfortunately all of this didn‘t help me to share Files on Android or iOS from Qt mobile Apps.

For a DropBox-like project at customer site I needed sharing:

  • download Files from cloud
  • store Files in App sandbox data
  • view or edit Files in other Apps
  • print Files to local Printer

It took me some time and thanks to much help from other developers at Qt Forum and Slack (QtMob) I found ways to solve my use-cases.

The hardest part was the ugly JNI and Obj-C syntax 😉

Hopefully my experiences will make it easier for others to integrate Sharing-functionality into their Android or iOS Apps.

Here‘s my Example App at Github.

The Example App demonstrates:

  • Share Text and URL
  • View File
  • Edit File
  • Send File as Stream to …

To easy understand the complex structure please take a look at this Overview:

UI: SwipeView with some Tabs. Each Tab contains a Page with some Buttons to test features.


Share Text and URL is the easiest one:


ShareUtils is registered as „shareUtils“:

void ApplicationUI::addContextProperty(QQmlContext *context)
    context->setContextProperty("shareUtils", mShareUtils);

Click on the Button to share Text and URL:

Button {
    text: qsTr("Share Text and Url")
    onClicked: {

Here‘s the share() method:

Q_INVOKABLE void share(const QString &text, const QUrl &url);
void ShareUtils::share(const QString &text, const QUrl &url)
    mPlatformShareUtils->share(text, url);

ShareUtils delegates this to PlatformShareUtils:

  • AndroidShareUtils on Android
  • IosShareUtils on iOS

The magic to detect the right class can be found in ShareUtils:

#if defined(Q_OS_IOS)
mPlatformShareUtils = new IosShareUtils(this);
#elif defined(Q_OS_ANDROID)
mPlatformShareUtils = new ...read more

Source:: http://blog.qt.io/blog/2017/12/01/sharing-files-android-ios-qt-app/