“Rapid prototyping” futuristic fashion looks really weird (Tomorrow Daily 143)

By Ashley Esqueda On today’s show, we discuss why tiny thrusters could be a big deal for satellites, how a group of Netflix employees got the service to work on an NES console, and how future fashion might work via “rapid prototyping.”
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Source:: http://cnet.com.feedsportal.com/c/34938/f/645093/s/445594c4/sc/38/l/0L0Scnet0N0Cnews0Crapid0Eprototyping0Efuturistic0Efashion0Elooks0Ereally0Eweird0Etomorrow0Edaily0E1430C0Tftag0FCAD590Aa51e/story01.htm


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