V-Play 2.14.1 adds Live Code Reloading Support for macOS & Linux Desktop. With this addition, Live Code Reloading now allows to run and reload your projects on iOS and Android from all desktop platforms. No native iOS and Android build tools required.

V-Play 2.14.1 also introduces the new SocialView component for adding social features like user profile, leaderboard or even a full-featured messenger to your apps and games. It offers a cleaner and more customizable interface, compared to the more game-oriented VPlayGameNetworkView and VPlayMultiplayerView.

This update also adds support for Qt 5.9.3.

Live Code Reloading for Windows, macOS and Linux

Building your project takes some time. For mobile platforms, it can even take several minutes, depending on your development PC. This can become quite time-consuming. For example, if you are doing small iterations to fine-tune UI elements in apps. Same with animations, game-mechanics and so on. It slows down your development speed and therefore decreases your productivity.

V-Play Live reloads your project on every connected device, within seconds after code changes. This reduces the long compilation and deployment times, to only a couple of seconds. V-Play Live also allows you to run and test your applications on iOS from a Windows or Linux desktop. You don’t need to install any native SDKs for deployment with V-Play Live. See here for a quick demo:


This video shows a project opened in Qt Creator (left) on Windows. The project runs with V-Play Live. In the bottom right corner, the screens from an Android Nexus 7 and an iPhone 5s are shared with screen mirror tools so you can see what is going on there. In the center, you can see the desktop client. After connecting the 2 devices to the Live Server (top right), we change the code in Qt creator. After we save the changes, all connected clients update their view, within a second!

Qt Charts with V-Play Live

After some of you requested it, this update also contains the powerful Qt Charts module with V-Play Live. Including charts in your app could not be easier.

V-Play Live Reload Benefits

Save Time: Deploy and Test in Seconds

V-Play Live reduces deployment time, from several minutes to a couple of seconds. It deploys your code changes to all connected devices, automatically after saving.

Let’s play a bit with numbers. If you have a really decent development PC, you might be able to deploy your application to Android within one …read more



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