V-Play 2.14.0 introduced V-Play Live Code Reloading, which reduces your deployment time from minutes to seconds. V-Play 2.14.2 now adds support for using native cross-platform plugins with live code reloading.

2.14.2 also adds improvements to the SocialView components and adds improvements for Navigation components.

What is V-Play Live Code Reloading

V-Play Live reloads your project on every connected device, within seconds after code changes. This reduces the long compilation and deployment times, to only a couple of seconds. V-Play Live also allows you to run and test your applications on iOS from a Windows or Linux desktop. You don’t need to install any native SDKs for deployment with V-Play Live.

Watch this video for a quick demo of V-Play Live in action:

V-Play Live displays your app or game with the Live Client application. The desktop Live Client is part of your V-Play installation. For Android and iOS, you can download the Live Client apps in the app stores. For most projects those Live Client apps are sufficient. They have several V-Play Plugins and most of the Qt modules configured, so you can use them with V-Play Live.

Soon you will have the option to extend your own project with the live reloading feature, to build custom Live Clients. This allows you to use any custom C++ or native code together with live reloading for QML & JavaScript. This will also make it possible to use even more V-Play Plugins and features with V-Play Live.

How to Use V-Play Live

V-Play Live is super easy to use. We already covered that in our last blog post, you can read it here: How to use V-Play Live

What are V-Play Plugins

Do you want to add advertisements to your app or game? Do you want to add analytics to track and understand your audience? Do you need push notifications or other cloud services?

V-Play got you covered! With V-Play Plugins, you can add such native cross-platform plugins with just a few lines of code.

Beginning with V-Play 2.14.2, you can use many of those plugins also with V-Play Live. This helps you test a plugin without performing any extra setup steps. V-Play Live has several plugins configured already, so you can use them right away. For some plugins, this is not possible yet.

Use V-Play Plugins with V-Play Live

Here is a short video showing how to …read more



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