Who’s to blame for the Net neutrality mess? Look to Verizon

By Marguerite Reardon Verizon fought hard to overturn 2010 rules governing Internet access. But it now faces the possibility that the Federal Communications Commission will impose even stricter regulations than the ones it had thrown out.

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Source:: http://cnet.com.feedsportal.com/c/34938/f/645093/s/425d6a2d/sc/36/l/0L0Scnet0N0Cnews0Cwho0Eis0Eto0Eblame0Efor0Ethe0Enet0Eneutrality0Emess0Elook0Eto0Everizon0C0Tftag0FCAD590Aa51e/story01.htm


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