Why comedians take history’s worst game for a spin, year after year

By Danny Gallagher Members of the sketch comedy group Loading, Ready Run tell CNET about their strange journey for charity driving from Phoenix to Las Vegas and back again (and again and again) in the game Desert Bus.

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Source:: http://cnet.com.feedsportal.com/c/34938/f/645093/s/4b7cb15f/sc/38/l/0L0Scnet0N0Cnews0Cdesert0Ebus0Ewhy0Ecomedians0Etake0Ehistorys0Eworst0Egame0Efor0Ea0Espin0Eyear0Eafter0Eyear0C0Tftag0FCAD590Aa51e/story01.htm


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