New Qt Wiki Now Available

By Tero Kojo

We are continuing our site unification to and we have now migrated the content from and today opened up the new Qt Wiki under We invite all of you to start editing the new Qt Wiki under using the new MediaWiki implementation.

This is the first phase launch of the wiki under its new home, and therefore, you may find some things currently missing or not quite like they were before under There are a variety of reasons for the latter. One main one is that our goal has been to make things easier than they have been before, providing wiki users a better editing experience, as well as more flexibility.

MediaWiki is is one of the standard wiki formats, which is a more familiar format to use for many than the wiki that has been used under

MediaWiki benefits:

  • Open source platform
  • Active development of the platform
  • A wide range of plugins to extend the wiki functionality
  • Version control
  • Better tools to follow and automate working on the wiki

What you will find different

In this new wiki, we will all be able to keep track of active editors directly in MediaWiki where it will be easier to follow who has edited what and when, as well have better control of versions.. Unfortunately, in this first phase, you will notice that the edit history of past articles has not been migrated over. As the old wiki system (Expression Engine) and MediaWiki are very different it has proven very difficult for the migration team to combine history from the old system into the new one. Our team will continue to look at this as we move along to see how we can best manage this. However, we do feel that manage wiki posts and edits from now and in the future will be much better, which outweighs in part the possible loss of past article history.

Using Qt Account for editing

The biggest change that the wiki introduction brings to you as a user, is that we are moving to using Qt Account as the identity and login service for the wiki.

Qt Account is in essence the gateway to what we are building as a new Qt developer portal. We have already started using it for commercial evaluators and customers in the past year. Currently, the Qt Account web portal provides users with license information, account and payment options. It is also provides access …read more



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