Why mobile web apps are slow

Found interesting article: http://sealedabstract.com/rants/why-mobile-web-apps-are-slow/

I’d name it: why any sandboxed mobile app is slow? Performance of Java-based android apps is just terrible. Even on Quad core CPUs. Moreover, its drain power like crazy.

HTML5+JS+CSS and .Net has same issues, i.e. not a solution

How Mobile OS vendors resolve performance issues? Just turning off multitasking! Ridiculous! Its 21 century, guys, wake up!

So, is there a solution? Yes! Qt + QML! And it quite surprising that the authors of such kind of articles give no any word about Qt as a solution

Why Android become so popular? Cost of entering to platform for a regular developer quite low because of Java. But look at QML! Its much much simple, but technology behind it makes it almost fast as native code.

Taking in account the following:

  • Qt Quick 2 based on OpenGL, i.e any screen draw is hardware optimized, \
  • Qt is multiplatform. Currently it supports Android, iOS, Tizen, BlackBerry 10, Ubuntu Touch and Meego based OS such as Sailfish and Nemo
  • Its easy to learn. There is a lot of documentation, examples and videos. Don’t be scary by C++ behind it. In most cases, C++ complications hidden by Qt framework

makes Qt+QML perfect solution for native mobile development.

Please, think about it

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